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Who should seek out Transpersonal Counseling?

First, I would like to point out that one does not need to be ill to benefit from the techniques I offer. The techniques mentioned in this paper, as well as other tools offered are useful to anyone interested in achieving satisfaction through personal growth or self-actualization.

Secondly, what I offer is meant to complement traditional medical treatment. In a nutshell, I use psychology to affect the body's biology or assist the mind to help your body achieve balance and wellness. The mind is not separate from the body. Mind is present throughout your body. For example, think about your eyelid. How does it feel to be your eyelid? Now think about your big toe. How does it feel to be a big toe? Your mind did not travel in a straight line to get to your toe to check it out. It was already there.

The mind can affect the healthy functioning or dis-functioning of the body. You begin to salivate when you think about food when you're hungry. You blush as you think about an embarrassing moment. The body responds to a sexual fantasy. When you imagine scenes you experience them in your mind and your body responds as though it was actually happening. The body doesn't know the difference; it responds to the mood and the imaginings of the mind. This is what is known as the "Mind-Body Connection".

Since the mind can affect the systems of the body (such as the immune system) the use of psychology to facilitate a change in the systems is reasonable. Virtually no physical ailment is beyond this mind-body approach.

Guided Imagery

A natural therapy that can access your unconscious mind for valuable information on the nature of your illness and assist you in your healing. As the therapist I facilitate this wise and insightful information into consciousness.

An example of a guided imagery session begins with the induction of a state of relaxation and focused attention. You may then be asked to picture yourself in a scene where you feel safe and comfortable and describe the details of that scene. Next, your attention is directed to the part of your body that is ailing and you may be asked to allow an image to form that represents the symptom and begin a dialogue with it. During this interaction between you and your own body, opportunities open for intuitive, unconscious knowledge to come into waking consciousness. I then help you interpret this knowledge and put it to use.

Expressive Arts

For some, art and art materials can be an effective and non-invasive tool to draw out a client's personal imagery. It can also be used as an adjunct to guided imagery. It is sometimes helpful to draw the imagery and use it like an affirmation to achieve the desired healing.

Interpretive Dreamwork

This ancient tool can be used to access unconscious material to facilitate personal growth and healing. It will produce a landscape of personal symbols that when approached with respect and care will assist the dreamer in becoming more self-aware an essential aspect of self-development.

Dream symbols (as with all imagery) come in service to us. The act of exploring personal symbology will offer help, guidance, illumination and attitudes for healing the conscious part of the self.

Therapeutic Touch

This healing energy treatment relieves pain and boosts the immune system to speed healing.

Therapeutic touch (known in the past as “laying on of hands”) is now being offered to patients in major hospitals throughout the country. A growing body of research to prove this hands on therapy’s efficacy is substantial.

A typical session may last from ten to thirty minutes during which you sit in a chair or lay down. I use my hands to sense energy blockages around your body and to direct healing energy. Clients report feeling deeply relaxed (some fall asleep).


Meditation is a broad term encompassing hundreds of techniques and postures. The process should take place in a quiet environment, undisturbed for at least fifteen to twenty minutes. I tailor the technique and posture to suit the client's needs which range from stress reduction to getting in touch with the spiritual aspects of one's self.

Research has proven the effectiveness of meditation practices upon the physical body. These many effects include a decrease in blood pressure and muscle tension producing what is known in medical circles as the relaxation response. Research has shown that when you are relaxed and free of tension, your body's natural defenses are functioning at their best.

The simplicity of my approach makes meditation available to everyone. If you can focus you can meditate.

Archetypal Tarot Counseling™

Tarot is an ancient system of cards with symbolic images colorfully applied to the faces.

The archetypal images of Tarot help focus your awareness inward to your innate wisdom, which is essential for effective healing to occur. When you look at the images on the cards it is like looking into a mirror, the symbols evoke intuitive thoughts and feelings. You receive deep insights about yourself leading to self-development, self-acceptance and self-healing.

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